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Directional Hearing Aid

November 8, 2012

Play Video   The objective for this research is to provide a low cost, hearing assistive device using off the shelf components, keeping costs affordable and accessible for the DIY community.   This project is open source.   Outreach in the form of teaching the simple circuitry is the objective of this project so as to influence the DIY community to focus their skills to further advance the assistive technology field.  Our demographic communities span from people with learning disabilities, age related hearing loss, over exposure to music/noise, and the Hard of Hearing.
This wearable device uses a simple microphone array circuit, and a small amplifier.  The circuitry is simple and easy to replicate,  Users connect the wearable microphone to any pair of headphones.  Directionality is determined by the user’s body orientation.  Equalization controls allow users to manipulate the audio input to best match their hearing spectrum.